2,278 M

Bukit Raya is a 2,278 m high mountain located on West Kalimantan. It was part of Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park on Borneo Island. And part of the Schwarner mountain range at the border of Central and West Kalimantan. The mountain is not so popular to climb in Indonesia due to remote access and the elevation is not so high. The national park was a part of The Heart of Borneo conservation project. It protects a lots of endangered species of Kalimantan such as Sun Bear and Orangutan. And many other species. The park has been affected by severe illegal logging since the end of the 20th century.
  • Day 1Jakarta

    Upon arrival at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, you will be pick up and transfer to the hotel. You will meet our guide and he will give the brief of the whole program.
  • Day 2Jakarta-Pontianak-Sintang

    Take the morning flight to Pontianak. From Pontianak, we take another flight to Sintang (approx. 45 minutes). Get the National Park Permit. Stay overnight.
  • Day 3Sintang-Serawai

    In the morning, we will continue our journey to Serawai Village. We are going to use speedboat for 9 hours until Serawai. Stay overnight at floating lodge in Serawai.
  • Day 4Serawai-Rantau Malam

    Again, using speedboat to go to Rantau Malam Village (3 hours). Stay overnight at Rantau Malam. At night, we will do a traditional ceremony for blessing. It’s a custom.
  • Day 5Rantau Malam-Korong HP-Mangan River

    First we are going to use motorcycle to Korong HP. After that start trekking. We are going to the headwater of Mangan River where we will make a camp and stay overnight. It will take 5 hours from Rantau Malam village to Mangan River.
  • Day 6Mangan River-Ut Rabang River

    Today we walk for approximately 8 hours penetrating the jungle. The trek tends to be quite flat. Making camp near a stream at Ut Rabang River.
  • Day 7Ut Rabang River-Soa To Hotung

    A long walk to Soa To Hotung which is the border of Central and West Kalimantan. Walking for 10 hours.
  • Day 8Soa To Hotung-Puncak Kakam/Bukit Raya Summit (2,278m)

    We will walk through a moss forest until the summit. Bukit Raya Summit also known as Puncak Kakam. Stay overnight at the summit. It takes 6 hours walking from Soa To Hotung to the summit.
  • Day 9Puncak Kakam-Simpang Tosah

    We will descend through the south slope of Bukit Raya. Another long walk (10 hours) to Simpang Tosah. Stay overnight.
  • Day 10Simpang Tosah-Kasongan

    The trek will go along the Samba River until Salahung Bay. Not far, there’s a road where we will be pick up by 4WD vehicle and transfer to Kasongan Village. The whole journey from Simpang Tosah to Kasongan will take 9 hours. Stay overnight at Kasongan.
  • Day 11Kasongan-Palangkaraya-Sebangau National Park

    Today we will move to Sebangau National Park. Using vehicle for 3 hours. We will stop at Palangkaraya first, the capital of Central Kalimantan. To get to Sebangau National Park, we have to use speedboat until the National Park resort. Stay overnight at the resort.
  • Day 12-13Sebangau National Park

    Explore Sebangau National Park.
  • Day 14Sebangau National Park-Palangkaraya-Jakarta

    In the morning we will head back to Palangkaraya. From there, we will take a flight back to Jakarta.


  • 2 nights Hotel (Twin Share) at Jakarta. One night before and after the expedition.
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Airport transfer at Jakarta
  • Domestic flight from Jakarta-Pontianak and Palangkaraya-Jakarta
  • Domestic flight from Pontianak-Sintang
  • All meals and accommodation from Pontianak to Palangkaraya
  • All Speedboat transportation for the whole program
  • All land transportation for the whole program
  • Guides and Porters
  • Tent, cooking stove, fuel
  • National Park Permits (Bukit Baka Bukit Raya and Sebangau)
  • International flight
  • Visa
  • Personal equipment
  • Personal natural expense (laundry, telephone, etc)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Personal Insurance
  • Tips for guides and porters