4,884 M

One of the most technical mountain to climb in seven summit list and also Australasia highest Peak. Reaching Carstensz Pyramid peak is not only about climbing the mountain. It starts with a 5-6 days trekking through dense jungle and meadow. The jungle and meadow trek are the toughest part, after that we reach Carstensz Base Camp. And then, it’s just one more day to the peak besides acclimatization day. Climbing Carstensz Pyramid is quite technical cause we have to climb the face using fixed rope. Carstensz appears as a mysterious and relatively unvisited climbing objective, flanked with glaciers and rising like a shark’s fin out of the mist of the jungle. This expedition has the attributes of a classic rock climb combined with a rare cultural experience. It is a journey of discovery and achievement, and most likely your best chance of experiencing this part of the world and standing on the summit of this exotic peak.


  • DAY 1 : Meeting Point at Bali

    Upon arrival, our guide will pick you up at the airport and transfer to hotel. Our guide will give orientation about the expedition and gear check. If you arrive this day at midnight, then orientation and gear check will be on the next day. Welcome dinner from us.

  • DAY 2 : Bali–Timika

    If orientation and gear check can’t be done on day 1, then we will do it today. If you will come to Bali today, then be sure to arrive before night. Our flight to Timika will be at midnight.

  • DAY 3 : Timika

    Arrive at Timika early in the morning. Transfer to hotel and rest.

  • DAY 4 : Timika–Sugapa-Suwanggama

    Fly to Bilogay Airport using a chartered flight that takes about 45 minutes. Arriving at Bilogay, we continue to Suwanggama Village by motorcycle. The last village we meet on the way to Base Camp. Stay overnight here.

  • DAY 5 : Suwanggama–Dibasiga (2,350m)

    We start early in the morning. It will take 6.5 hours to the first camp, Dibasiga. From Suwanggama, the trek will go down to Yabu River. Then follow the river upstream. The trek will be very muddy all the way to the Base Camp.

  • DAY 6 : Dibasiga–Estasiga (3,235m)

    The distance to the next camp will be further today. It will take 9.5 hours to Estasiga. Start early in the morning. We will cross the river a couple of time today. The terrain will change from lower mountain forest to the upper mountain forest. Before that, we will pass a small meadow with a lot of beautiful orchid flower. Then, go inside the forest again. The trek will become very gnarly all the way up until we meet another meadow, Estasiga. Set a camp here.

  • DAY 7 : Estasiga–Ebai (3,600m)

    From today, we will walk on the meadow. The trek will go up until 3,800 m, and then going down again until 3,600 m. It will take 8 hours today. From here, we could already see the Great Mountain Range of Puncak Jaya with the snowcap and it’s magnificent north face.

  • DAY 8 : Ebai-Nasidome (3,800m)

    From Ebai we go down to Kemabu plateau. The trek will go gently up and down passing some hills in the plateau. We will cross Kemabu river with unique rock formation. It’s a long walk crossing the plateau to Nasidome.

  • DAY 9 : Nasidome–Carstensz Base Camp (4,250m)

    The trek starts uphill passing another unique rock formation until we arrive at a small lake. The trek then going very steep crossing a ridge to Lake Larson. It will take 2 hours to Lake Larson from Nasidome, and then continue to New Zealand Pass. We start entering the mountain range, into the rocky terrain and finally arrive lake valley, Carstensz Base Camp. It takes 4 more hours to Base Camp from Lake Larson.

  • DAY 10 : Carstensz Basecamp

    Acclimatization day. You can rest and relax. And prepare for summit attack.

  • DAY 11 : Carstensz Base Camp–Summit–Carstensz Base Camp

    Summit Day. We will start at 1AM. First we walk pass through middle ridge to the Yellow Valley until the foot of the face. And then we start climbing using ropes that already been fixed. Arriving at Summit Ridge, we have to cross a gap with a wire bridge. Continue walking for an hour and finally reach the summit. Then go back to Carstensz Base Camp.

  • DAY 12 : Spare days

    Spare day for anticipation of bad weather or other major constraints.

  • DAY 13 : Carstensz Base Camp–Nasidome

    Trekking back to Nasidome. Stay overnight there.

  • DAY 14 : Nasidome-Endasugapa

    Trekking back to Endasugapa, just before Estasiga. Stay overnight there.

  • DAY 15 : Endasugapa-Dibasiga

    Trekking back to Dibasiga. Stay overnight.

  • DAY 16 : Dibasiga–Suwanggama

    Trekking back to Suwanggama, stay overnight.

  • DAY 17 : Suwanggama–Timika

    Use motorcycle from Suwanggama to Sugapa airstrip. Fly to Timika. Stay overnight in hotel.

  • DAY 18 : Timika–Bali

    Fly to Bali. End of expedition

  • Domestic flights Bali-Timika round trip
  • Airport transfer at Bali and Timika
  • Two nights hotel (twin share) at Bali
  • Welcome dinner
  • Two nights hotel (twin share) at Timika
  • Meals at Bali & Timika
  • Chartered flight to Sugapa Village and return.
  • Land transportation (motorcycle) to Suwanggama Village and return.
  • Accommodations at Suwanggama Village.
  • Guides, Cook, and Porters.
  • Travel permit from Indonesian Police Department
  • Meals on the mountain.
  • Sleeping tents, dining tents, table & chairs
  • Cooking stove, fuel, and cutlery
  • Satphone and GPS tracker
  • International flights
  • Indonesian Visa
  • Excess baggage for domestic flights (Baggage allowance 20 kg)
  • Personal clothing and climbing equipment
  • Personal travel Insurance
  • Personal natural expense (laundry, telephone, etc)
  • Emergency costs for evacuation
  • Gratuities