3,404 M

Mount Leuser National Park is a conservation area that covers an area of 1,094,692 ha that was located in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam and North Sumatera province. The name taken from the highest mountain in the area, Mount Loser, with the height of 3,404m. This national park covers the ecosystem from lowland to highland, which makes the biodiversity inside very high. The area usually used for research besides for tourism and recreation.
  • Day 1Jakarta

    Upon arrival, you will be pick up by our guides and transfer you to the hotel. Our guide will give a brief for the whole program and check the gear.
  • Day 2-3Jakarta-Medan-Kutacane-Kedah

    Take the morning flight to Medan. And then continue by vehicle to Kedah Village. But it’s a very long way. Total 12 hours. We will stop at Kutacane in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam province. It takes 6 hours from Medan to Kutacane. We will stay overnight in Kutacane and then continue the next morning for another 6 hours to Kedah Village. Lunch en route. Stay overnight in homestay at Kedah Village.
  • Day 4Kedah, Green Sinabuk-Simpang Angkasan

    The trek will start from the jungle gate called Green Sinabuk at 1,555m. We will go through dense jungle from the start. Hope we can see wildlife along the trek. It’s a 9 hours trek. Simpang Angkasan located at 1,525m. Make a camp and stay overnight here.
  • Day 5Simpang Angkasan-Jambur-Puncak Angkasan

    Going uphill to Jambur. The trek will be quite tough due to dense vegetation and mostly because the vegetation is dominate by rattan trees. Puncak Angkasan or Angkasan Summit is located at 2,891m. 7 hours trek to Puncak Angkasan and stay overnight.
  • Day 6Puncak Angkasan-Simpang 21-Lintasan Badak

    Another 7 hours trek to a place called Lintasan Badak. We will go along a ridge until Simpang 21 annd then entering an area that dominated by cinnamon trees. Stay overnight at Lintasan Badak.
  • Day 7Lintasan Badak-Blangbeke

    Not far from Lintasan Badak, there’s a place called Bukit Perpanji. We will stash some of our logistics here for the journey back. Then there’s a long climb until Blangbeke. Trekking time is between 8-10 hours.
  • Day 8Blangbeke-Kolam Badak-Bivak

    After Blangbeke, we will enter the moss forest. After that we will cross three streams and a river 10 m wide called Alas River. Three hours walk and we will arrive at a place called Kolam Badak, which is the area where the Rhino wallow. It’s an open space so we can see the vicinity of Mount Leuser area. We continue the journey going uphill again for 6 hours until Bivak Camp. Stay overnight.
  • Day 9Bivak-Bivak Kaleng-Bivak Batu

    From here, we go up and down the hills and valleys towards a place called Bivak Kaleng, which can be done in 6 hours walk. Bivak Kaleng is an area on the top of small hill. Continue walk for an hour to Bivak Batu where we will make camp tonight.
  • Day 10Bivak Batu-Padang Savana-Puncak Loser

    The slope is not too steep after Bivak Batu. 5 hours to Padang Savana or the same word in English, Savanna. This is the last camp before the summit.
  • Day 11Padang Savana-Puncak Loser-Puncak Leuser-Padang Savana

    From Padang Savana, we are going uphill for 1,5 hours until Puncak Loser. This is the highest peak (3,404m). After that we can explore the summit ridge area. Going to other peaks, Puncak Leuser and Unnamed Peak. To get there will take 6 hours. There, we can see the stunning view of Mount Leuser National Park area. Back to Padang Savana and stay overnight.
  • Day 12Padang Savana

    We stay one more day here. We can explore other area or just relax and rest before going back down to Kedah Village.
  • Day 13Padang Savana-Bivak

    Descend to Bivak camp.
  • Day 14Bivak-Lintasan Badak

    Descend to Lintasan Badak
  • Day 15Lintasan Badak-Simpang Angkasan

    Descend to Simpang Angkasan
  • Day 16Simpang Angkasan-Kedah

    Descend to Kedah Village. Arrive in the afternoon. Stay overnight in the homestay.
  • Day 17-18Bivak Batu-Padang Savana-Puncak Loser

    Going back to Medan. Stop for a night again at Kutacane. Next morning continue to Medan and flight back to Jakarta. End of expedition.


  • Airport transfer at Jakarta
  • 2 nights hotel (twin share) at Jakarta
  • Welcome dinner
  • Domestic flight Jakarta-Medan round trip
  • Land transportation from Medan-Kedah round trip
  • 2 nights accommodation at Kutacane
  • 2 nights accommodation at Kedah Village
  • Meals for the whole program
  • Guides and Porters
  • Climbing permit
  • Tent, cooking stove, fuel
  • First aid kit
  • International flight to Jakarta round trip
  • Visa
  • Personal equipment
  • Personal natural expense (Laundry, telephone, etc)
  • Personal insurance
  • Tips for guides and porters