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Mount Tambora is located at Sumbawa Island, in the district of Dompu and Bima. It has been a popular tourism destination site. Well known because of its magnificent crater. In 1815, Mount Tambora exploded. The eruption was so big that it became the largest eruption that ever recorded in Human History. Bigger than Mount Saint Helen, Krakatoa, and Pinatubo. The explosion roars so loud that it was heard on Sumatera Island, more than 1,200 miles away. It cuts the height of the mountain by half. Left a crater with diameter of 7 km and circumference of 16 miles. The depth can reach 800 m. The explosion affects global weather condition. In India causing drought and flood. In Europe causing cold weather and continuous heavy rain. And causing “A Year Without Summer” in United States.
  • Day 1Bali-Bima-Desa Pancasila

    Meet at Bali the previous day. Today, we will take the flight from Bali to Bima at noon. The flight will take an hour. From Bima we will continue by vehicle to Pancasila Village. Stay overnight in the homestay.
  • Day 2Desa Pancasila-Pos 2

    We will start after breakfast by using motorcycle first to the border of the forest for about 30 minutes. Then, start trekking for 5 hours to Pos 2. Make a camp and stay overnight at Pos 2. There’s a stream nearby that can be use as a source of water.
  • Day 3Pos 2-Pos 5

    Today we head to Pos 5. Gaining more elevation. We will pass Pos 3 after two hours trekking going up and down through bushes. The trek will get gnarly because of the bushes after Pos 3. Trekking for an hour to get to Pos 4 and an hour more to Pos 5. Make a camp and rest. At dawn we will go to the crater rim and summit.
  • Day 4Pos 5-Summit-Pancasila Village

    Trekking to the summit will take three hours. We can see the crater and explore the rim a little bit. After enjoying the crater area, we will go back to Pos 5 and descend until Pancasila Village that may take 5 hours. Stay overnight at Pancasila Village.
  • Day 5Desa Pancasila-Bima-Bali

    At 3 am in the morning we will going to Bima. Breakfast en route. And at noon take a flight back to Bali. End of the trip


  • Airport transfer at Bali
  • 2 nights hotel (twin share) at Bali, one night before and after the climb
  • Domestic flight Bali-Bima round trip
  • Land transportation from Bima-Pancasila Village round trip
  • Meals for the whole program
  • Guide and Porters
  • 2 night accommodation at Pancasila Village
  • Tent, cooking stove, fuel
  • First aid kit
  • Climbing permit
  • Flight to Bali round trip
  • Meals at Bali
  • Personal equipment
  • Visa
  • Personal natural expense (Laundry, telephone, etc)
  • Personal Insurance
  • Tips for guide and porters