Mila Ayu Hariyanti

7 Summits of Indonesia in 100 Days and Trikora Climb, I did it with the reliable guides of Indonesia Expeditions. In terms of costs, schedule arrangement, and food were very suitable for me as a client at that time. The most memorable thing was the guides that keep motivating me, to keep determined and finish the expedition. They are more than a guide for me. I’m happy and proud to be one of Indonesia Expeditions’ client.

Henk van Bilderbeek

In 2016 I wanted to climb the ‘Carstensz Pyramid’. In my view an expedition to climb ‘Carstensz’ should include the hike to base-camp and back. Searching the web for a provider who offered such a trip I found ‘Indonesian Expeditions’ and applied for an expedition in November that year. I never regretted that step. From the day I arrived in Jakarta up to the moment we were back in that city, three weeks later, everything was very well organized. The expedition was a success, we had a great team and had a lot of fun together. The guides and cook were wonderful, competent and professional, improvising easily when and where necessary. They guided us to base-camp, up the mountain to the summit and all the way back again. All the time taking good care of us, providing us with plenty of good food and drinks and kept us going without problems. I am convinced these guys will show the same kind of professionalism and dedication when climbing in other parts of the world and in other environments than the jungle and swamps on the way to ‘Carstensz’. Judging from these experiences and also from the efficient dealings I had with their office, in my opinion this all reflects the general attitude of their company. I would recommend their services to all without hesitation.

Rina Anwar

Three times already I enjoy my trips with Indonesia Expeditions. First one was two years ago, went to Annapurna Circuit on September 2016. Second time was Kinabalu and the last one was Gokyo Ri on November 2018. Certainly, going three times with Indonesia Expeditions means I enjoy having trips with them. In terms of route, lodging, food, and their services, nothing to disappoint.


I have climbed numerous mountains with Indonesia Expeditions (Aconcagua, Elbrus, Carstensz to name a few) No doubt the climbs are generally spectacular but what makes the difference is the service from this outfit. I had the pleasure of being guided by Ian & Frans (who are 7 summiteers themselves) who not only run this business for commercial reasons but their passion in mountaineering was oozing perpetually when they are at these peaks. They not only go the extra mile to engage and satisfy us but their personalized service is nonparallel (from registration to pre-climb briefings, training, logistics, food, equipment, weather management, summit day prep etc …they manage it all!) For me travelling with Indonesia Expeditions eliminates most risk and concerns of a climb and I can focus on what I need to do knowing that other variables are being well managed by very competent and experienced staff. They have been a very important part of my climbing life and I’m grateful to them in providing all the necessary recommendations and an amazing experience. Truly a “first class” company and would highly recommend to anyone.

Max Ramajaya

I found Indonesia Expeditions website and learned that it is operated professionally by Indonesian World Seven Summiteers. Since then, I always trusting Indonesia Expeditions to organize my Mountaineering Trips, at least my last five trips.

Allan Prodinger, Lobuche East

If asked about the best mountaineering trip organizer and consultant in Indonesia, only one in my mind and that is Indonesia Expeditions. Long story short, I know Indonesia Expeditions from Social Media. At that time, I am browsing for things related to mountaineering since it’s my hobby and found their account. It turns out that this company was founded by first Indonesian Seven Summiteers. They already organized many mountaineering trips. And several months after, I got an offer from a sponsor that wants to make a documentary video about climbing in Himalaya. Lobuche East was the destination. I asked who’s the organizer, and they said Indonesia Expeditions. For me, it’s a chance that I can’t miss. As I expected, Indonesia Expeditions are credible and experienced. Physical and technical preparation were monitored directly by Indonesia Expeditions team couple months before, making the project easier to run, although still full of efforts. They also checked our gears, so we are well prepared for the project. I found also that they have credible partner in Nepal that is very helpful. Overall, the project run smoothly and satisfying. We got our goals. I hope that this will not be my last trip with them. I still have passion to climb other summits with them

Tri Hardianto

From several expeditions, Indonesia Expeditions gives me a lot of new knowledge in climbing mountain that is very useful for me. In terms of services, Indonesia Expeditions totally giving the best services to clients. Not only services, but also education that I might not get it anywhere else. Overall, Indonesia Expeditions is still the best climbing operator in Indonesia, in my opinion.


Indonesia Expeditions team are very professional in terms of providing services to clients. They are very communicative and supportive in preparation, way before the trip (physical training, equipment, etc). They are very detail in pre-trip preparation and very discipline on the field. We, as client, feel very safe and comfortable. About food, they provide very delicious food. Feels like 5-stars restaurant on the mountain. I learned a lot about good climbing management from the guide that accompany me.

Nur Hakim

Thank God I can meet Indonesia Expeditions to plan an adventure that is really safe and happy. Every year, I always do adventure activities with friends and I met Indonesia Expeditions. It has been five times already having journey with Indonesia Expeditions. Every journey was planned in detail and discussed together, so that every constraint on the journey can be overcome and well-anticipated. Especially for beginners. Thank you, Indonesia Expeditions!!

Asep Erman Nugrahadipura/Kang Pongky (Carstensz Pyramid)

My experience with Indonesia Expeditions was climbing Carstensz Pyramid via Sugapa that takes 12 days of total 14 days trip duration. Indonesia Expeditions guides that accompany us were very experienced, know well about the terrain and porter characters that help us during the trip. Contingency plan has been prepared and ready to be implemented anytime there’s a problem. Overall, I’m happy and satisfied going with Indonesia Expeditions team. Hopefully can join for another expedition that certainly will be more challenging. Bravo Indonesia Expeditions.

Anton Apriyantono Sumadri ( 7 Summit Of Indonesia Trip)

Alhamdulilah, having journey with Indonesia Expeditions was fun because everything was well-prepared, good services with helpful guides, and reasonable price.