Indonesia Expeditions is an adventure travel company that has been trusted by many to provide guiding and logistical services on the mountains. We specially offer you to experience mountains and wilderness across Indonesia Archipelago. More than that, we have been organizing mountaineering expeditions in other continents for years. Seven Summits or Himalayan peaks for example, you name it and let us organize your journey and achieve your dreams.


To be a world-class adventure organizer that is capable of giving lifetime experience through a safe and fun journey, challenging, quality services, and success.


  • To organize great trips, especially for foreigners, to Indonesia mountains
  • To organize great trips, especially for Indonesian, to mountains all over the world


Our journeys are carefully crafted for you. We want each member to be ready and it starts way before the climb begin. Climbing history and background will be collected from clients, along with their conditioning. By doing so, we can help each client to make a suitable and effective preparation program. Our team will always be available to advise for your preparation. There will be pre-trip program also, where we’ll go hiking and discuss about equipment, route, knowledge, and start creating bond between team mates.

On the field, we prefer to have a small team member which mean small client to guide ratio. So, each member can get a good attention by our guides. They will ensure your safety and combine with their passion to share their knowledge, you will learn to do it the right way, to be determined, and create a good teamwork. All for the success of the journey.


We want to provide the best services for our clients. In order to do so, we supply top quality logistic. You need to sleep well in good tent, comfortable when dining, and the food we provide will increase your appetite. Indonesia have a rich cultural and nature diversity. We always employ local porters and/ guides. By doing so, it is not only creating alternative income for them, but also help us to understand more about the nature and culture. Same thing applies for international destinations. After all these years, we have built long-term partnership in each international destination we offer. Make sure they are the best on the field. Thanks to their fantastic support that we can keep providing the best services.

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